IMPS partners with ODMedia and Expoza for digitisation of the Smurfs


The adventures of the Smurfs … we’re talking 272 original episodes, each lasting 24 minutes, made by Hanna-Barbera between 1981 and 1989 and translated into more than 40 languages. A priceless heritage which IMPS has asked ODMedia to digitise and remaster in full HD 16:9.

This marks an essential step in responding to the ever-increasing demand of VOD providers throughout the world who want to give their viewers the chance to watch the adventures of the little blue fellows. A decision which also enables IMPS to implement its digital strategy, notably on YouTube.

There’s a huge job ahead of the teams at ODMedia seeing as once every episode has been digitalised it has to be digitally cleaned to improve its sound and picture quality before it is optimised for High Definition and converted into 16:9 format. Then, each different language version – and there are more than 40! – has to be synchronised with this new digital sequence. All the equipment will then be placed on a video distribution platform in order to facilitate delivery to all the VOD providers and television channels throughout the whole world which broadcast the series.

“Even today, each and every minute there is an episode of the Smurfs that is being watched somewhere in the world.” – Nele De Wilde, audio-visual manager at IMPS, points out. “We wish to continue this success through the optimal availability of our content.” The Smurfs series as it was first created by Peyo and Hanna-Barbera in the 1980s has not lost an ounce of its charm and thanks to digitisation and High Definition, its shine will last.

Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia and Expoza: “We are happy and proud to kick-off this great partnership. But above all, with this collaboration we are more than ever convinced of the power of our unique combination of services: digital asset management, encoding services, worldwide distribution and content management and claiming and monetising on YouTube.”

Expoza, the branch of ODMedia that specialises in assisting media companies to build YouTube strategies to manage their content, will assist IMPS in protecting the property of the Smurfs worldwide and creating an official YouTube channel for the Smurfs. Available in more than 40 languages, this channel will mean fans of the little blue creatures can watch their favourite episodes in their own language and with optimal sound and picture quality. The content of the channel will be regularly updated.

The partnership with Expoza for the creation of this Smurfs channel on YouTube is part of IMPS’ digital strategy which aims to develop the official presence of the blue fellows on the web and to create links between the different Smurf products such as online games, applications, the Smurfs website, Facebook, the online shop, etc.

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