ODMedia Facilitates New Video on Demand Platform WappZapp Plus


The Dutch alternative TV provider WappZapp has expanded their services with WappZapp Plus, a premium video on demand offering. This allows paid subscribers to choose from an extensive range of quality films, European documentaries, concerts and children’s series. Encoding, media management and multiscreen delivery for WappZapp Plus is provided by ODMedia ’s Leonardo; an end-to-end Video on Demand platform that offers content owners and publishers a dashboard to manage all their video on demand outlets from a single  interface.

CEO Sjef Pijnenburg: “Our Leonardo platform has been in development since 2004. Over the years, we’ve added several crucial business intelligence components you will not find in our competitor’s products. Wappzapp is the first big project using the newest version of our Leonardo platform, and we will connect many more in the next 12 months.”

Currently, WappZapp Plus has more than 4500 subscribers and the app has already been downloaded 500.000 times. WappZapp Plus is free during the first two weeks. After this trial period, it costs €7,99 a month.

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